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To Share and Preserve the History of Steiger Tractor

   To make their farming operation more productive, Maurice and Douglass Steiger, along with their father, John, built their first Steiger tractor in a barn converted to a shop during the winter of 1957-58. Little did they know then that their tractor would draw so much attention and interest, that it would impact the agriculture industry, and that the Steiger name would be recognized as a world leader in the high-powered, large, four-wheel-drive-tractor market.

   The Steiger Heritage Club has been formed to honor Steiger tractor history – from those early and humble days in the 1950s to today’s huge, powerful, four-wheel-drive articulated Case IH “Steiger” model tractors. 

   The Steiger Heritage Club is a non-profit and profit from sales on this page will go to serve our members and to support ongoing Steiger history exhibits and newsletters to ensure the legacy of Steiger continues.  Follow the link below to read  more. 

Thank you for your contribution

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